what three things would you mod on your squire first?
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well tuners, bridge, and a better input jack
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pickup swap, tuners, 5-way selector (as weird as that sounds, i did it and now everytime i pickup a squire thats not mine, im like "this sucks")
Lets see:
Pickups,wiring(something Fenderish),and tuners probably.

But not all Squiers are that bad.
The First three would be...Electrics, Pickups, and hardware (You should see my pickguard. It's pwned.).
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
if it were me?

I'd Completely re-do the electrics- new pickups and custom wiring. Then i'd replace the bridge with a wilkinson trem. and finally i'd scallop that bitch!!!
pickups, bridge, wiring (including new pots and input if they are particularly bad examples)

"You're a MESS!"
If I had infintie cash:

Floyd rose Bridge (all components)
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
New pickups

ON budget:

change or HSH config OR scallop 17-22 frets