[AUDIO] A Whole New World - As in Aladdin. all guitars (Godin, Seagull, and Traynor)

Hi guys, i just got back from china so i haven't been here in a while... but yeah i just back, had a blast over there. i haven't been focusing on guitar and recording while over there and i felt really bad when i came back so i decided to record something just to help me back up. heres where i cover aladdins - a whole new world... actually recorded for a girls birthday but whatever haha.. i started from nothing and had to figure everything out but i think it sounds pretty awesome. took me about 3 days to finish. I played my brand new Godin LG thru my Traynor YCV50 and my Seagull acoustic... canadian guitar stuff ftw.. im not canadian btw.. alright enough jabber heres the recording enjoy guys.. tell me what you think.


not bad, i mean for a cover of a song from Alladin. I think it actually sounds better than the original version. One thing i would change, and this is just personal opinion, but i thought the chimes were a bit over used in the first half. Nice cover though, very beautifully played.
I totally loved it, although the random sprinkles of disney magic got a little weird after the first few times haha although SHAME ON YOU for reminding me of that simpler time when I didn't have to worry about exam time and GPAs :/

oh, and go Seagulls! Canada w00t!!