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Since the demise of the thrash thread I noticed that nobody has made a Slayer thread yet, so here you go.


What do you guys think of Christ Illusion?
I like it quite a lot. Its nothing on Seasons or Reign In Blood but its enjoyable none the less.
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Wait...the Thrash Thread died? Damn...
On topic: Yea, I like it, It's better than stuff like God Hates Us All and Diabolus in Musica. Good album. Obviously nothing on Reign In Blood or Seasons, but come on, those albums are masterpieces.
I've only heard Cult. I like it! It sounds a lot more like their old stuff than what i've heard of the stuff without Dave. The lyrics arent exactly ground breaking (Religion is hate! Religion is war! Religions a *****!!!!!) but they still have appeal cause of the aggression.

I was thinking of going to the Unholy Alliance, but i dunno, cause theres loads of gigs around that time that i want to go to. Dont know if i'd make it out alive either.

Edit - Damn, just checked the price, its 30 quid. Fuck that then, i'm already paying 35 quid for Iron Maiden.
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Never bothered to check out the new album.

Reign in Blood is a classic.

Show No Mercy was a great album too imo.
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Show No Mercy was a great album too imo.

Bits and pieces, I agree.

In terms of after Reign in Blood, which do you prefer? South of Heaven or Seasons in the Abyss?

Seasons in the Abyss for me easily... Parts of South of Heaven are just... too slow for a follow up record to Reign in Blood (Not that I judge it next to Reign in Blood, this album just doesn't do it for me).
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Easily seasons in the abyss. Anyone else here like Divine Intervention? I think it's a horribly underated album.
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Easily seasons in the abyss. Anyone else here like Divine Intervention? I think it's a horribly underated album.

Yes, I like Divine Intervention. It sums up all they've done before IMO.
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Slayer are pretty imense. loads of people went to reading festival this year just to see them.
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Definately one of my favourite bands. I liked all their albums, yes, Diabolus in Musica too (though not as much as the others). Christ Illusion was good too, but Tom's voice is getting worse imo. I think i've praised Hell Awaits alot before, so ill stop. Reign in blood, show no mercy, Seasons in the abyss and Divine intervention were awesome too.
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Yes, I like Divine Intervention. It sums up all they've done before IMO.
+1. It's great.
I just downloaded Reign In Blood (There are no metal albums here in the Philippines, but I will buy one as soon as I return to New Jersey in March), and I must say, I fucking love it, before, I just had 2 mp3's of them, namely Angel Of Death and Raining Blood, and it was nice to hear the rest of the album.

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i liked christ illusion.. i especially loved the lyrics in skeleton christ

but once again, i know ive said this before, but i actualy liked god hates us all.. eveyone bashes it to hell though..... new faith, bloodline, and disciple are kickass fucking songs
^I quite enjoyed God Send Death aswell. I actually think GHUA was better in terms of riffs and songwriting, although the vocals are a bit better now. But except for Cult, there isn't one song I really like for longer than ten minutes.
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Everything Divine Intervention and down are great IMO, then they lost some of their edge. Awesome band IMO.

Ps: LOL! Same riff for the last 20 years!
Some great stuff. South of Heaven's my favorite. The first five are all classics, though RiB undoubtably has some very meh tracks on it to me. The good songs are great and then other songs are only appealing because of the aggression, not that great. I've heard the new album, wasn't too impressed. I don't like his vocals now and the muddy downtuned guitar tone isn't too cool. On the whole, didn't like it. Divine Intervention's a mixed bag to me, but I'm a big fan of the first five.
Seasons in the Abyss and Reign in Blood are my favorite albums. I DID enjoy God hates us all, probably even more than Christ Illusion, and South of Heaven can get kind of boring.
I love rib soh and sita equally. God hates us all and divine are second. christ illusion was okay, but not memorable so i won't be buying it.
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Vaginal Destruction

^ Do you like sludgey stoner/doom? Well then you should try Vaginal Destruction
^that's a great song. Gotta love the main riff.
Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
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Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
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Hell Awaits > Reign In Blood

I heard a couple of tracks from their new album and their not that bad. Way better than God Hates Us All.
For my favourite it's probably a tie between Hell awaits and Reign in Blood

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Originally I only heard a couple mp3s my mate gave me, but after reading what albums to start with I went out and got Reign in Blood and Christ Illusion. Really enjoyed both of them, sure some of it is a bit out of wack and repetitive but you could just call it consistency .

I think I'm one of the few that actually enjoyed most of the new album, I mean some of the lead-ish riffs (you know the higher pitched riffs ) are excellent, and I love the "crunchy" riff in Skeleton Christ. My only real cristicism of the band and the way they write songs, is the lack of thought/preperation (emotion?) of lead bits and solos, sure some are good for builting a bit of tension and agression (good for Slayer) but come on Kerry .... you wonder where some stereotypes come from (the "mindless solos" and "metal's just noise" crap).
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the album was a load of crap. Hanneman should write more songs. Nothing on this album on par with Angel of Death, Dead Skin Mask or War Ensemble. Total waste of money
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one of the few slayer songs that actually has a good solo too

Most of SNM's songs had good solos. Chemical Warfare did too(Off of Haunting The Chapel.)
i love the new album, but why do so many people dislike DIM... easily my favorite slayer album. it didnt sound like all the others and thast what made it killer the dynamics and the moodier feel. bass fills from tom? never thought id hear it, and i loved that i did. jeff desperately needs to start writing more

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Bout time there was a Slayer thread Christ Illusion was good but...actually no buts it was just good Slayer are Still a kick-ass Band and no other band will replace them
Christ Illusion was alright, although I only really like "Jihad".
Of course Seasons owns, and there's alot of really catchy stuff on Undisputed Attitude like "Violent Pacification".
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Are the songs on Show no Mercy in Standard tuning. That's my fav. slayer album along with haunting the chapel and SITA
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