Well, been a few months since I last posted. You guys all liked my other songs, so if you haven't heard them, feel free to check out all the others on my page.

I made this song in reverse... I started with the build up at the end, and worked backwards to the beginning of the song. Took me about 3hrs to write/record. I'm up for all opinions, so be harsh if you need to. One thing I would like to know though, is if bass comes out too loud, or too strongly in the mix. Thanks in advance.

"Oblivion" - Near the bottom of the apge under "Original Songs"

Feel free to add me to myspace if you like my stuff

Crit for crit of the same quality.

EDIT: Keep in mind that there are no vocals when talking about the structure
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Like what I listened to btw are you a FFXI player? That medieval 1 reminds me of the general music....
Quote by AC753
Like what I listened to btw are you a FFXI player? That medieval 1 reminds me of the general music....

haha nope im not :P however if youre interested ive done a whole thread on nintendo covers (the link is on the dmusic page), and that inspired me to do some rpg style music as a side project... wouldnt be a bad job if it worked i must say and thanks for the comment
Only ever owned a gameboy...Doubt I will remember many themes, unless...zelda menu?
Hey dude . Thanks for critting my song. I have to say I agree with you .. My older stuff is better (cause I was recording them in a studio , the new ones are recorded in my pc with crappy quality) .

So , your song.. I'm always happy seeing your name and a song in the original recording forum cause i know i'll headbang !! I gotta say , I wasnt too impressed with oblivion but it was still a killer song..
The intro was the best part for me i think , with all the slides and shit. Way to go once again !

Feel free to visit the original recording forum cause i'll have something killer for you to crit

My favorite song is Life's Edge .. This piece kicks ass. keep making songs dude. I'll be patrolling in the OR forum to check em out.
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Intro and early bassline reminded me a lot of Soundgarden's "Slaves and Bulldozers".
Lots of metallica influence, especially in those early harmonies. Guitar tone was great, but it came through a little too strongly in the mix and affected the quality (especially during heavy palm muting sections).

I liked it, but this one really needs vocals. "Extinction" was awesome, loved the clean intro, probably your best song.
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From the start its kicking my ass. I like that its not overly fast and it still hits you right in the face. Quality guitar work. Itd be cool to hear some vocals. The last minute or so is definatly the best.