well guys for my gcse coarse i am building a wah pedal just simplistic bt a pedal all the same bt the problem ... never done this before and i need to find a circuit layout for it ... anybody out there that could help wud be gr8 if u pm me or email me tht wud be brilliant thanx alot guys

Check out the links in the sticky. There's a crapload in them. And I wish I made a pedal for my electronics coursework, but I didn't pick up the guitar back then
I would suggest doing a distortion pedal instead...alot easier! And quite easily customizable!
I made a guitar for my gcse project - I got an A =D. My advice to you would be to keep it as simple as possible. Build a kill switch because it will be much easier take a lot less time and will probally get you a better grade.

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if hes taking a tech GCSE then he is proficient at electronics, so for him, this is just another circuit to build so a wah is great because it will also involve building skills, so theres no need really to suggest a distortion or other generic 'first effect' project. Frenchy and Webaldo gave some really good links. also check out http://www.schematicheaven.com/effects.htm theres reels of wahs on that page. Good luck! and keep us posted with pics!
hey again yeh ill keep you posted for def and keep checking in cus i might have problems along the way! awh i dunno now about the wah i wud be able to bt money wise the school arnt goin to buy expensive components is tehre any real simple distortion or wah available to make but thanx a load for yur help already - schematic heaven reli was heaven btw lol real gd site . =D
i love that site lol, your school should have all the basic components that you will need, and im sure they will order you the wah pot, and the transistors etc. It's just a case of you working out whether you can fabricate a real good enclosure.
hey man awhh yeh kinda bad news bt still al the same good news lol well my teachers say if they can just abotu understand the schematics then i wont and so wont no wht to talk about in my write up but....... they hav changed it to a new type of pedal where it will "clip" the sound at a certain frequncy and the pedal can controll the volume output also hmm might not sound liek much but it will be good fun =D ill keep comin on here man and showin ya all wht s happenin with it and how its gettin on like so keep checking in man thanx a bunch later