Yeh June are a great bunch of guys and play some pritty cool music. I think they're starting to be realised.

EDIT: The Audition are great also, some awesome bands coming out of Victory Records.
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They're not bad... I've never been too fussed about The Audition, and June are ok.
i think they're both pretty terrible.

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I thought June was ok...But i'd get bored with them really fast
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Yeah you were right about me
WAyyyyy generic.

Dont like em.
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i like them both
But Dad, Nick Cannon is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious
um yeah....youre not telling me anything new. :/
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I like the Audition, but I haven't heard much June. I think i have one of thier albums, so I might give it a listen.
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so far of what i have herd i like them.
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I like them both. June more than The Audition tho. I have seen June and met them twice they are not only pretty talented musicians but really nice also