Hey all,

Wanted to setup a make-shift home recording studio in my house today. But I found out I have no idea what the heck im doing....so ill start with square one.

What is the difference between a dynamic and condenser mic? I think dynamics and more instrumental while condeners work with vocals better? Please help?

dynamic mics are less...hmmm,how should i say this,sensitive
that's why it would be best to use condensor mics for vocals or very pitch stuff like cymbals,it will respond a lot better

generally an A studio would use all condensor mics for everything,they are expensive an require phantom power or batteries

the real differences is in how each converts sound into electrical signals,here's deffinition of both mics

condenser microphone, the diaphragm is a very thin plastic film, coated on one side with gold or nickel, and mounted very close to a conductive stationary back plate. A polarizing voltage is applied to the diaphragm by an external power supply (battery or phantom power) or by the charge on an electret material in the diaphragm or on the backplate charging it with a fixed static voltage. All Crown mics are the electret condenser type.

The dynamic (moving-coil) microphone is like a miniature loudspeaker working in reverse. The diaphragm is attached to a coil of fine wire. The coil is mounted in the air gap of the magnet and is free to move back and forth within the gap. When the sound wave strikes the diaphragm, the diaphragm vibrates in response. The coil attached to the diaphragm moves back and forth in the field of the magnet. As the coil moves through the lines of magnetic force in the gap, a small electrical current is induced in the wire. The magnitude and direction of that current is directly related to the motion of the coil, and the current then is an electrical representation of the sound wave.