Hey there everybody,
I am left handed and my music teacher told me to play right handed guitar instead. It's been 2 years since that day and I'm still uneasy with my right hand.
So what do you guys reccomend me to do? Change guitar (inverse chords) or try tips for improving my right hand? Many of my friends told me to change the guitar to a left handed, but I think it would be more difficult....

Help me please! I'm soo confused...

dude, if you're left handed, then I'm pretty sure you should play left handed
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Quote by imdwalrus

dude, if you're left handed, then I'm pretty sure you should play left handed

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i'm left handed too and i had a guitar teacher that tried to turn me right-handed but after 6 months i still wasnt comfortable so i started playin left-handed and i've not looked back since. if you're uncomfortable, theres no point trying to force yourself into the right-handed way. as far as i'm aware, guitar playing is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so just get a guitar and try puttin it on each side to see which feels more comfortable. Plus, when you get a left handed guitar, it feels so much better than playing a right handed one with the strings reversed.

Hope it's of some use to you
you ought to do what Winterheart88 said,just do what feels right for you and go for it.
It wouldn't be a good idea at all to try and convert it to LH. An acoustic guitar's top is braced to have certain pressure from string tension in a certain area.

One thing I've seen a couple guys do is flip the guitar around with the treble strings closer to you. That's be pretty damn hard to chord on though.

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im not sure aye.... i am left handed... but im a totally screwed up person... i kick a ball right footed... stuff like that...

so when i got my first guitar i picked it up and learnt to play it right handed... now 2 years down the track im able to rock out as good as many ppl... as well as playing the majority of classical gas.... so it can be done... just need time...
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im left handed and i naturally play the guitar right handed, just cuz your left handed doesnt mean you play guitar right handed, but the truth is, like what most people said, you should just play how you feel comfortable
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dude that is f'ed. I could imagine ur used to playing with right now thats its been like 2 years.
He sounds liek a bad teacher, if he's giving you any advice against your instincts, (other than to correct bad habits obviously). Id go to playing how you feel right, and see if its worth selling all your gear for!

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you do what ever is more comfotrable ... but if you start off (since you pick up the guitar) playing one way, then that becomes your dominant way ... example ... when i played pool i started left, and i continue to do so now ... fishing ... i started Lh so thats what i do ... when you have no idea hwo to do something, the first way you do it will dominate ... so do what ever feels right ... it seems like you like LH better
I'm a lefty guitarist too and the main reason he probably doesn't want you to play guitar lefty is because it's so difficult to find good lefty guitars. We have maybe 10 or 15% of the selectivity that righty players do, and most of the guitars that do come in a model for us are more expensive. As far as restringing a guitar goes, for electrics that's a huge pain in the ass etc. So yeah; that's probably why. But if you're more comfortable playing LH, obviously do what you want.
If you're uncomfortable, I guess you should switch. But really, why does me being right handed mean that my right hand automatically strums and hold rhythm better, and that my left hand has more aptitude for fretting? If someone can prove something physiological about it I will be astounded, but the bottom line is that the only instrument that has a "handedness" is the guitar. Violinists have been around for more than 500 years and they all play "right handed."

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Well, I never got this myself. I'm a lefty as well and I think playing what is considered "Right handed" should be what a normal lefty plays. I mean, fingering chords is a lot harder than stumming so you'd think you'd use the dominant hand that has the best reaction and fastest speed to do the harder task? When I was teaching myself, I thought I was playing left handed because all my right hand would do is strum or every-so-often do a little picking.

I just never got it and is baffles my mind and destroys my soul