I'm thinking about buying a new guitar and amp. I have came down to 2 diffrent ones - Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe or a Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Can anyone tell me which would be best for playing everything from punk & metal. And Which would be the best amp.
I would go with the Epi Les Paul and A Vox Valvetronix AC50VT. Its a perfect combination and it can do a lot of different stuff since the vox is a modeling amp. In fact, tomorrow im going to be getting an Epi Les Paul myself.
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what is you budget for the amp?
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No Vox for metal. They arent meant for metal. Depending on your budget for an amp Id maybe go with maybe a Marshall DSL401?
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^Yea a DSL would be good if it's in his price range, you could also get a used Peavey XXX.
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I would take the 72 tele. It's a much higher quality guitar than the epi standard. As for amp, i'm going to agree with the DSL 401 suggestion assuming that it's in your price range.
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And if you've got a lower price range, Roland Cubes are good.
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Cubes or Valvetronix if your on a low end budget..

Personally id go with the Telecaster aswell.
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With my Fender tele, If i put my pod on hi-gain and eq with the old metal V scooped shape then i can get a really beefed up low-endy tone that can do A7X easily.
Well the Tele is going to sound WAY different then the Epi. The Tele Deluxe will be a lot brighter and may sound a bit too brittle for metal. The Epi will sound a lot warmer and thick...but the the stock pickups are crap and can get really mooshy. I would suggest swapping them ASAP if you end up with the Epi.

Personally Id get the Tele Deluxe.
If you have a high budget, a JSX would do the trick most likely. You said Punk and Metal, and it's a very versitile amplifier.
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