Hi recently i bought a merely cheap branded guitar, something called prince and daphon amp which cost $120 each.. started jamming as a newb n noticed tat my low e string let out a louder noice and a longer echo than other strings.. for an instance master of puppets intro, i could barely heard the 5th string -.- oh yeah my strength distribution is equal too... soo what should i do now?
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the pickups could just be screwed up.. or try changing the bass, treble, and mid

thats what me thinks
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mmm im not quite getting this. could you please further explain this

sure.. this hows the riff looks like


look at the riff alternate pick between the 5 and 6th string.. so basicly whenever i play this riff, i barely hear my 5th string.. hate it xD

as for my amp, ive tried altering the controls to suit me but no luck is it becoze of made in china product ?
dude it's your pickups
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