Well what do u guys think is the true metal guitar brand?
ESP, Jackson, and Schecter's Hellraiser.
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Well it isnt Ibanez.
Both of the others make good metal guitars, i dont think there is just one really.
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the higher end deans are good...like the one michael angelo batio has...the cheaper ones just suck
I'm a purist, so I choose Jackson. It could have been Charvel, but they are too limited. There are three guitars you can buy from them - the EVH Signature (piece of crap, btw) the San Dimas (22 frets and a non-floating bar... off I go to Jackson) and the Star.

I'm big on the MIA thing, so Jacksons really suit that. ESP guitars are nice, but the options for the actual ESP guitars (not LTD, not Signature Series) are too limited. For guitars of the style I want, I was basically looking at the M-II with the maple fretboard. That's it. Kinda sucky.

I should also note that I feel sorry for Kramer. They were so huge in the 80s and now they're an afterthought on a musicyo page linked from Gibson's site.
The main metal brands are Dean, ESP, and Jackson. You may see Gibsons being used as well. Caparison and Schecter are less common, but great guitars for the genre. Avoid B.C. Rich; they look metal, but they're bad guitars.

If you really have money to burn, I would recommend getting a custom from Ran or Maverick.

Then there's Ikon. They're far more metal than the others, but they look damn ugly.
I use an Ibanez (RG1570) and its great for metal, or atleast my type of metal, Power/Hair Metal... Also Music Man guitars are pretty sweet, a bit pricey but worth it.

But out of the brands you listed I would say Jackson...