I am sure that there are hundreds of threads on this, i assure you I have searched and come up with multiple threads with the WORD in it so I wasn't about to look at a few hundred threads to find exactly what I was looking for.
Anyway my question is is there a good website for people that are looking to start building their own effects? If so, could you post a link?
i remember seeing one here a while ago but i forgot the page... what kinda effect you wanna build? just outta curiosity..
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The best thing to do is to go to a music shop and try out some pedals and THEN you can start building.

All my pedals are BOSS apart from a multi-effetcs processor by ZOOM (ZOOM G9.2tt). I like usin' Chorus for solo and stuff like that. And Wah. You gotta love Wah.
everything you need to know, someone on here will know. I suggest that you start off by building a distortion pedal, whichever one you want really (within reason) there are some really good first projects on tonepad (www.tonepad.com ?) i can't remember the URL, but search google. if you dont want to have to buy a PCB from them when youve found a simple pedal on there that you like you can find a simple layout on there probably for perfboard or if you want you can hop over to aronnelson.com/galeries for a slightly better known pedal veroboard layout. you obviously need to then buy your components and some form of board to put it on, some solder, a soldering iron, some 22guage stranded wire and an enclosure. Anything else, post here and lots of other people will nou doubt post and help, we're all friendly