I'm at odds which onme I want, Both have EMG HZ pickups, the Jackson is alder, the LTD is mahogany i think. The jackson has a trem though. AS someone who plays a bit of everything, mostly rock what would you get, or would you spend the extra 100 bucks on a Epiphone les paul?
if you play mostly rock id reccommend the les paul so spend the extra hundred bucks. les pauls can cover mor eif you play more
The LTD EX400 is mahogany. I know loads about it - it's what I'm getting. Never played a Jackson myself, but I played the ESP and my god it's hot.

Sod the Epiphone - nothing good about them.

Run with the ESP.

The EX400 actually has EMG 81/60's. Unless you mean the lower end EX260, which has ESP-EMG's. Dunno the specific model though.
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I personally think explorers are one of the greatest guitars out there. I personally dont like EMG's unless you are just looking distortion and lots of it. But if you looking for cleans i dont suggest getting a guitar with EMG's in it.

I built an exporer but it had seymour duncans in it and i love em.
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I have the LTD EX400, and its the nicest guitar I've ever played. I find it sounds great clean or with distortion. The EMG's give the guitar a nice bluesy sound clean, and because they are active, they give a powerful, tight crunch when the distortion is cranked up.