this is a song with alot of anger, and is directed at all of those who either stabs someone in the back or fires their insults from a safe place in which the aimed person can't respond. This song is all about walking up to these people face to face and just telling them to shut it, and how hurtful and senseless such comments are. enjoy. (its pretty long, i know the structure may be off but it does sound good sung)


[Verse 1]

Ready, fire
Aim a little higher
You?re shattering the fields
And all you desire
Striking from afar,
where you feel so safe
I?m gonna wipe that smile
Right off your face
Your battlefield
I have wandered through
Your power-driven ways
I will unscrew
I?ve got support and
You?re well aware
I?ll look you in the face
You best prepare


You?re just a howitzer?
Firing down on me!
You?re just a howitzer?

[Verse 2]

Can you see
The people they flee
From what you?ve caused
And what?s soon to be
Another barrage
Is heading our way
Death results
For all who stay
Feel the ground shake
With every hit
You make another attempt
With every miss
And now they run
Trembling in fear
Something so little
Made so severe


You?re just a howitzer?
Firing down on me!
You?re just a howitzer?


The devastation that is
And the city that was, now lies in ruin
A vendetta against you,
A fight you will soon lose, a war is brewing

You?ll take your last shot
While I make my first
And you can be sure as hell I?ll hit you son
You may think you?re victorious but listen up bud
This war has only begun.


any suggestions are welcome, on improvements or a better structure...it is pretty rough i know. crit for crit, and check out my other song too: Forever Revolution (in sig)
I can kinda picture the music with the words, which is good, because for a good song you want poetry found in music, not just poetry set to music. The structure is fine, too. It's very fast-paced and that fits the words. Like you said very angry, but other people might view it as a cliched "political" song. Just a warning.