My band's bassist has bought an EQ pedal, and I'm not quite sure he has a clue why, or what sound he's hoping to acheive.

So I was wondering if any of you bassists out there could suggest some tips on what a bass player should hope to get from his EQ pedal, and which frequency bands look after each component of the sound, e.g., the "click", the "boom" the "pick sound", etc.

Obviously this is too vague a topic to specify, what with the different basses and amps we all use, but if you can just suggest a few things we might want to get out in our bass sound, and how to acheive these by this new device we have procured.

It's a very simple 10-band graphic eq, i think its Behringer or something ****ty like that.

Thanks =)

does he not have a bass with an EQ alredy in it?

and I've never worked with anything higher than 3...
I usually play with a lot of bass. Bass 3/4 up. Low mids 3/4 up. mids all the way up. high mids about 1/4 up. and treble about half way.
i shape mine like a check mark
-|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|- +15
-0--|--|--|--|--|--0--|--|--|-  0
-|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|- -15
I do the same thing that gibsonbrothers did, but my shape is more parabolic, with the bottom point in the middle. Lots of bass, lots of treble, not much mids. i play metal by the way, many metal bassists use this tone.
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i guess you could call this "the boom" or whatever. i have a boss geb-7 EQ and i use it a lot. that checkmark setting that gibsonbrothers posted is good too.

    50 120  500 800  10k
-|--0--|--|--0--|--|--|--|--|- +15
-|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|- -15
         400     4.5k
(i couldn't fit all the frequencies on top so they got stuck on the bottom.
and keep in mind this is only a 7 band EQ so adjust accordingly.)
Wll,again there are different opinions on how you wanna set it up..i think we should
set up another thread to post everyone's personal configuration.you know,just to
learn more.