Basically, I don't know a good way to clean my strings, so dirts been collecting on them a while now. Should I wipe it with a cloth, get a cleaner, etc. You get the point.

But just in case, they're light Martin SP steel strings if you need that sort of info.

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When they get dirty, change them..

When mine get a little bit sticky, rough, etc. from overuse or just freak corrosion, I take a pair of scissors or a razor blade and scrap 'em off a bit. That's only if I know they have most of their life still in them...I've done it maybe twice.
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you can get a special liquid thats meant for cleaning strings at most music store, just spay it on your guitar and wipe them
My bad, accidentally typed could instead of good, sorry

Thanks for the info guys/gals
So I tell the man to give more than he got, that man is now king of the people's hearts.
Also when you are done playing, wipe down your strings with a cloth, (soft cloth) to get the grease and other stuff off your strings, they will last longer, but you should be changing them monthly.

Trust me, the feel of new strings is incredible.
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Man, NOTHING in this world is like a good set of strings that has been on for over a month.

THAT right THERE is THE most incredible sound to me. MUCH more life in them than new strings. New strings just have way too much twang in them, even after a proper amount of streaching and time. I mean... my god! New strings are INCREDIBLY bright, even after streaching... even the dullest sounding of new strings have way to much brightness... trust me man, keep them strings as long as you can brother.
I'm sad at the fact that I have to change again now, as my bass side strings are begining to loose the top coil in spots... :'( .

You'll really notice that strings after about a month begin to have a really solid stability to them. They REALLY tend to flux a ton before they get properly streached in over time.

Putting a razor to something with 180lbs of pressure holding them in place... does that sound smart to you?
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My experience:

For the first three months I had my Epiphone Les Paul Special II, I played on it and didn't clean it at all, not even a wipe-down.

Then I got some GHS Fast Fret and followed the directions - the strings still looked and felt horrible. They weren't that great to begin with, so it wasn't really any better or worse after 3 months of neglect. And I was beginning to think that GHS Fast Fret was a snake oil product.

Then I upgraded to my current Agile, which came with fresh D'Addario strings. First time I played it, I was like "WOW, these strings feel great! So smooth, wish they can stay like this!" And every time after I play, I run GHS Fast Fret over it to clean and lube the strings. Then when I play it next time, I am like "Wow, these strings feel just like they are brand new!"

So, take care of your strings, i recommend GHS Fast Fret for cleaning and lubricating after each practice session to keep your strings looking an feeling brand new. But if your strings are not that great to begin with, or if they have deterioriated beyond help, then it's time for a new set.
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keeping the strings clean is one thing.

But changing them out monthly... why? I mean, once they loose the brightness, the fun can begin.... and I've NEVER had a string go lifeless on my, I had one set that lasted 2 years.... hell, my accustic's have lasted me sence I got it over 4 years ago, no changing neccisary, and I play the hell of it.

Though, every string I get, for about half a month, to a month, has this perriod of UBER-BRIGHTNESS/TWANGYNESS....... it leaves me with a bitter taste.
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i dont like my strings dead, but i sure as hell done like them twangy and bright.
I personally use Dunlop Guitar String Cleaner and Conditioner........it works very well. They I use a lint free cloth. Also you could buy Guitar Tone Ease string lube which makes them feel much cleaner and make them last longer. Using both products make you strings stay in tune logner and makes your fingers feel like heaven!