Hey! I was wondering if you need a head for this amp, I am a little unfamiliar with how this amp works and how it sounds. Can somebody tell me some info about this amp and how it works?
The Orange Rocker 30 is a combo, meaning it's a head and speaker together, read up on the FAQ to get more knowledgeable about these types of things.
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yeah esp if you're spending that much...

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The rocker 30 comes in 2 models. The 1x12 combo (which is what I play) and the same amp in head form. As far as info...check the link but I'll tell you the most important facts.

30 watts doesnt sound like much but its Class A tube power, this baby gets loud but even at its loudest it still produces a usable tone.

3 12ax7 preamp tubes and 2 EL34 power tubes. Class A means it is SELF BIASING, so if you change tubes you don't have to get the amp rebiased if your still using 12ax7's and EL34's. No reverb, but I swear the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail was made for this amp. They sound heavenly together.

Clean channel only has a volume knob. If you're interested in tweaking your clean tone, forget about it unless you get an EQ pedal. Also, if you're a sloppy player than this amp (and all other tube amps for that matter) will show it. The most important thing I was considering after trying my amp out and falling in love wasn't if it gave me the tone I was looking for, it was making sure I was good enough to play out of it. Nothing more sad to me than a musician with gear that far outsuits his talent.
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The Rocker 30 is a great amp with a lot more gain than people think. To be honest, there's not much difference between having 3 12AX7's in the pre stage and having 4 12AX7's. The Rockerverb has just a little more gain compared to the Rocker 30. The only complaint I have about the Rocker 30 is the lack of an EQ for the cleans. However, an EQ pedal can easily fix that.
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Quote by rockxwl
Also, if you're a sloppy player than this amp (and all other tube amps for that matter) will show it.

Actually, that's a good point, tube amps do respond to variations in picking, string noises etc a lot more than SS ones, but you can compensate for that quite a bit with a compressor pedal.