so ive got a wah wah pedal but it can sometimes throw off my timing when im trying to play a fast song and move it up and down at a different speed. the other day i saw an auto-wah pedal and i was wondering if they go back and forth on the wah on their own.
yes they do, they keep a constant "beat"... they sound kinda like "whoo, whooa etc... they suck ^^
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They sort of do, but you completely lose control of the wahing with one, and they respond to pick attack aswell, which can get annoying.

Just practice playing with your wah.
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auto wahs are weird and they dont go up and down on there own, the harder you play the higher the frequency, the lighter the lower
Auto Wah really sucks
I'm not a Wah useing dude i dont have a wah pedal
but played with a auto wah and i was getting crazy of it
Just practice like R H C P says and it will work out
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