Playing with four fingers on the right hand.? Any experiances advice help ect.......
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Which hand are we talking about? If we're talking about your "picking" hand, then I'd just say to get some different excercises to work you pinky and ring finger a bit more.
My teacher tried to get me to pick/pluck with all 4 of my fingers... it's pretty hard to get a hold of when you've already been playing for a long time with just 2 fingers. IMO it's not very neccesary. If you just work to build speed the normal way you'll get the same results.
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If your talking about four fingers on your picking hand, I'd suggest playing songs you alredy know with your ring anf pinky finger (assuming you use the first 2 fingers). If your talking about your fretting hand, playing scales with all four fingers helps a lot.
If we're talking picking/plucking, four fingers is overdoing it. You'll almost certainly never need more than three. As for fretting, I wouldn't even considering learning with only three fingers.
If we're talkinga bout plucking hand its not necassary unless your slapping and popping imo. I pop wiht my ring and pinky and keep my index and middle free for plucking after the pops. I cant even use my pinky unless i'm slapping. I'ts barely more htan half as long as my ring. I broke it as a kid so its really short.
well...from trying endlessly to do this, pick with four fingers, i cant do it....but ive seen it first hand...when perfected...it makes a nice "roll" effect, as i call it...it remids me of a drum roll...when only fretting one note....now changing the notes...who knows the possibilites
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for the picking hand i only pluck with my index and niddle finger, and sometimes the ring finger if i need to do a really fast rin, but it usually try to do it with just two, i genneraly use my ring and pinky fingers for popping and/or muting.
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