Im new here

iv'e been playing for 3 years on the acoustic and never did any solos, but a year ago i started playing the electric and i noticed that i have a problem placing both my 4th finger and pinky on the fret board at the same time.

It's as if my brain treats them as one finger and i have to concentrate very hard to make a fast manuever with them, for example:

i need to pick
1- 5th string 5th fret with my first finger
2- 5th string 8th fret with my pinky
3-4th string 7th fret with my fourth finger

here is what happens to my fourth finger: (left drawing is without the pinky and 1st finger on the fretboard, and right drawing is with those fingers)

i'm having trouble placing my fourth finger accurately and fast, and when i do manage to land the finger it folds inward like this (when the finger folds it hits other strings):

anyways, please give me some exercises to eliminate this problem >.<
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there lots of exercises to develop finger independents out there. one is just take your ring and pinky tap the 4rth fret with the ring lift then hit the 5th with the pinky, alrenate back and forth 4 or 5 times then just move to the thicker strings and when you his the E go down a fret and continue untill you really start to feel it
thanks for the tip cobalt, im looking for exercises that build my 3rd and 4th finger independance that dont require a guitar (prefferably an exercise i can perform on a desk), does anyone know any? (so i can improve my finger independance in boring lessons, where i dont have access to a guitar >_>
here's one: i dont remember where i saw this, probably on UG, but
lay your fretting hand on a desk. in order, try to lift up each finger at a time
ie, 1 2 3 4, then 4 3 2 1. do this a few times in your free time. also, check youtube.com, do a search for john petrucci, he has some finger independence exercises with the guitar
can anyone recommend a good exercise to do w/o a guitar?
i've practiced lifting both my pink and 2nd finger together, then lifting my pointing finger and ring finger together(repeat alot of times). i do it quite fast now without alot of thinking but it doesnt help my finger independance alot.
A tennis ball or anything that can give good resistance to comression is good. Make sure it fits in your hand.

Planet Waves make something called a gripmaster, it's quite a lot of money and it may be better just getting a Reebok gripmaster which are cheaper, they supposedly build up strength and independence.