If I miced a microcube would it be good enough to play medium sized gigs? I'm really considering doing that because I love the sound of the cube.
Well, anything can be miced and be loud enough for a gig.

You could conceivably mic your electric guitar unplugged. If you're reallying thinking of gigging, get something better than a microcube. You don't want someone to stomp on it during a gig.
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You would be ridiculed for bringing something that small.
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I don't care about be ridiculed because it would blow the crap out of the other bands' MG stacks.
like said, u can try to mic it. but that really depends on the equiptment you're mic-ing it thru.

it's probably time to buy a bigger amp.

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Go Headphone/Recording Out straight into the PA. Thats way easier than mic'ing it and it will sound a lot better. IMO.
micing a 5" super low wattage speaker is just as bad as trying to play a gig with one.
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dood. just go get the 30 or the 60 like im doing

Exactly what I was going to say. The 60 handles small/medium gigs very nicely.
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Or 30s, or 2 cube 30s, although it won't help much in the volume.

Ever tried gigging with cardboard boxes, with the image of the amp printed from large printers from compy, there you go, full stack look alike.

While you are actually playing with a cube 30w..