so lately my amp has been being gay. well idk if its my amp or my guitar. i have a hammer slammer sp-2f/cs and a peavy backstage practice amp(hey i'm not made of money) and lately when i've been palm muting i've been getting this really loud screeching. it sounds like its the distortion. it kind of comes on quietly and then gets really loud. i'm pretty sure its not cuz i'm standing too close because it only happens when i palm mute.
is it my guitar or amp and what is the problem
Check your cable that might be it try a different cable then if not tell us and someone clever will tell you what to do.
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that sounds like feedback.

i always check the cable first, like said.
see if it's happening with either pickup selected.

if that's no help then make sure ur pointing the amp away from you.
dont stand too close to the amp, and lower volumes.

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