ok I realize that Muse isnt punk or emo at all but i really love Muse and Pop Punk and Emo and I wanted to know what other people who love Punk and Emo thought of them. so please dont flame me for that

My favorite bands are(in no specific order): Muse, Nirvana, Green Day, Blink, TBS, MCR, Yellowcard, Tool, and a bunch of other bands.

So anyway i did this because i come from Dumbf@cksville, Illinois where everyone listens to rap or country and i wanted to know what people who listen to actual music thought of Muse and the other bands i listen to.

so thanks for reading this and replying if you do.
Muse is a savior in rock music, but I could name about a hundred rap or country artists who are more "actual music" than MCR, Blink or Yellowcard.
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Musically i think they're briliant. Lyrically i think they're poor. I absolutely hate Matt Bellamy's voice because he has to really draw out each syllable of each word in each song however i can appreciate his skill as a guitarist.

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