Hi there! I'm currently looking around for a new guitar and Amp. I'm currently using a Yamaha and a rather small generic amp. Rock is the style I play, stuff like Metallica and AC/DC as well as Red Hot CHili Peppers. I have been playin for nearly a year. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanx!

*EDIT: I can spend around $1000.
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all i have to say is wait dude, your style is going to change as soon as someone shows you something so id wait a little longer for another 3-6 months then go for something.but if youy really want something now id reccomend a PRS SE(either soapbar or standard)and maybe a vox amp. thats a pretty versitile set up sound you get there,IMO
A used Marshall JCM 900 goes for aout $450-600 used.
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You should definately look for a guitar with a humbucker in the bridge position so you can get the proper heavy tone, and a single coil in the neck and middle for the lighter Chillis stuff. Another alternative is a guitar with two humbuckers and a single coil in the middle.
Can't help you much in the amp department, since I myself don't even have one. But the Marshall is indeed a very good choice for r&r.
Don't buy anything yet,
you probably suck and can't do any solos yet.
Try to get pretty good before you buy any new gear.
def look at a fender fat strat
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