hey guys,
i was wondering if there is any other fender strat that you could get for $900 - $1000 insted of the Mexican
I don't know the conversion between USD and AUD but a MIM 50s, 60s, or 70s strat is a good idea. Or you can get the HIghway one Strat.
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come to canada, they're like 400

Yeah, I think it might be a little cheaper too.
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Give a Tokai a try out. They make Strats that are about £50 more than a MIM strat, but have the quality of Japanese Fenders at least (They are made in Japan and South Korea, I'm pretty sure) and many say are as good as the American versions of the real thing. So basically, you'll be getting an American Strat at a Mexican price, made in Japan. Does that sound weird to anyone else!?

Seriously though, give them a look.
you could probably get a lower end G&L for that sort of money as well, heard they are meant to be nice strats
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You could get a mij strat, they are nice guitars.

Used american strats are usually 1300-1800 Aud.
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