when using a metronome i know your suppose to do four notes per beat. i was wondering if you evenly spread each note so that the 4th would be played on the next beat or would you play the four notes as fast as you can and wait for the next beat, or maybe there both wrong. help please?
do them in time, meaning that one of the notes lands on the beat and the rest are evenly spaced out
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evenly, so that each note is the same length. if yo9u were counting it out loud it would be 1 - e- and - a - 2 - e - and - a, and so on and so on
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You don't have to nor are you supposed to play 4 notes per beat.

But playing 16th notes (4 notes per beat).. yes, you must play 4 notes so that they are equally spaced within that beat... not play four notes as fast as you can and wait for the next beat.

The whole principle of playing with a metronome is to train your body and mind to keep time and rhythm, not build speed.
^ well, a metronome is also used for building speed while maintaining rhythm.
^Yes.. that's what I mean.

A metronome is used to keep time while you're building speed. A metronome does not contribute to actually building speed itself.. it's just used to keep you in time so your fast playing doesn't turn into a flurry of random notes with no rhythm.

Some people kind of tend to think... 'Oh so if I play with a metronome, I'll have a machine gun for a picking hand!'.. and then neglect any other kind of picking practice because they simply think practicing along with a metronome and slow speeds is going to do the work for them.