Slowed it down a bit, vocals werent too demanding for this, but i was very pleased with how it all came together. Keyboard guitar and vocals all in there, one of my best imo. Comments more than welcome, C4C of course...Enjoy!

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very nicely done. Thought the vocals sounded really great throughout, better than the other covers of this that have been posted here. Nice professional sounding recording. Keep it up.
The whole thing sounds beautiful. I think I like it better than Cash's cover. The guitar and keyboard sound great together, it gives me a whole different feel than any other covers of it I've heard. Very very good job
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audiorapist, that sounded bloody awesome. you really personalised the tune with your own style and it worked man.
Wow nice... like the tone, this recording sounded very clean. and your voice was awsome! guitar was awsome, this whole song was awsome! great job with synth(i think thats what there called). again man great voice!

now can you crit mine???



EDIT: and i must say this is better than jonny cash's version
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Very nicely done! There's nothing bad I can say about this. I really like your vocals and give you props for playing this in a key that fits your vocals perfectly as opposed to trying to duplicate Johnny Cash's voicals. The chorus is beautifully done and the synth/strings add a lot. I'd say this is the best work you've done so far!
i really like how u did show me how u like acoustic great stuff
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Nice, it's different, which is what makes it so good.
Vocals spot on, can't fault the guitar and the strings synth are nice.
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Great job, I really liked it! And I must say, I actually like it BETTER than the Johnny Cash version.
you're voice is clearer than jonnys, but well... johnnys voice has more character.
question of taste which you like better.
flawless instrumental work.

Man, that was amazing. I'm inspired to record my own rendition now. I can honestly say I like your version more. Great job, especially on the vocals. I thought they were perfect.

if you would, please crit my cover of the Bob Dylan song. Thanks man.
of course, guys, the originals of any cover are usually better.

i really like how you did the chorus. great voice; im jealous! =)
i really liked it, i checked also other songs, and you are a damn talented person!
no way