go to "lessons" section and click "new dimensions 1".

in the very beginning, he does this technique that i've never seen before. its like a dj move or somethin lmao. i dunno how to describe it. but its pretty tight. youll see what im talking about. heres the starting link.

..all i can see is slapping...
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That was really cool, actually. Not sure what he did...What-so-ever
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He's manually pressing the string against the frets I think. He's flapping the string up and down.

EDIT: After trying to do this on my guitar and my friend's bass, I have come to the conclusion that I'm totally wrong. Now I REALLY wanna know how to do that.
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he's going slap-slap-pop on a muted harmonic, or atleast that's my guess. He's going slap slap pop, on what Im not certain.
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