I was wondering if I got a Theramin kit to build a theramin (like this one http://www.moogmusic.com/detail.php?main_product_id=18) and cut a hole or something in the body of my guitar, put it in there with a hole for the antennae to come out, would it work? Like if I wire something between the pickups and the theramin circuit in the guitar they would be connected so that way I could play a note on guitar and touch the anntennae and alter the sound the way a theramin works. Does anyone know if this would be possible?
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Want to explain to me what a theramin is?
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It'd be hard to play as theremins don't rely on contact to make sound. So you'd need a switch too. Maybe a tannerin or simple Ribbon controller would be easier?
that's kind of a rip-off for a theremin. Just buy all the components and build it yourself.
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that would be sweet. thinkin what you could do,if this works, isplay something like th intro to thunderstruck and move you right hand around in the therimin and make wied sounds.
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isnt that pretty much what ur gonna do?

Matt Bellamy of the muse has one in his guitar.
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Sounds cool, but it seems like there would be too much stuff in the way, making it too hard to play one instrument at a time. But if you can make it work, go for it. Does anyone have a sound clip of a theremin? I've never heard one.
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Finally found a video of matt bellamy using the Fuzz Probe. It is installed in his guitar. Saw them live several months ago. What a crazy device, it has some light in it. Pasue at 18 seconds you'll see the light He uses it for the beginning of the song. You can hear it at 21 seconds after
Ibanez RGT42DXFX with emg 81/85
Schecter C1-Classic
Vox AD30VT
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