Hi guys, a friend just gave me a gift.... an old Blessing Guitar

I have no clue what is this guitar. i just know its a Blessing Guitar.
Its old so i hvnt eaven try it. Someone know about "Blessing Guitars"? are they good, bad, crap? Worth a try?

Tnx .

Here are some pictures.

^agreed, but i wouldnt have said silly
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well just play it silly... see if its any good for yourself.

Trust me, Im not that dumb, I hvnt play it beacuse all my stuff is in my friend's house.
If u cant help, just dont post.
All I know is that they make fantastic orchestral instruments.
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Is it just me or do the pups look huge?
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Is it just me or do the pups look huge?

they do look kind of big, but that could only increase the sound I guess.
Can we see another pic, I wanna look at the headstock and the back (and the bridge )
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Im not certain if this is for real or not. To the best of my knowledge Blessing only produce orchestral instruments and as far as i can tell they have never produced a Guitar of any shape or form.

What i think is this might be is a Japanese lawsuit era knockoff or a chinese copy. Whoever produced this might have just picked a Western instrument manufactures name pretty much at random and put it on the headstock. To confirm this i would sugest that you contact Blessing, you should get their details from their website which is www.ekblessing.com, and ask them about the guitar.

If it is a knockoff then its quality will be dependant on how it was produced, some knockoffs are good and others are donkeys...so you will have to play it and see for yourself.
As said before contact blessing yourself, i think its a fake as they dont make guitars, but blessing could put you straight.
Looks sorta like a non-carved PRS Tremonti.

And whoever said Blessing makes good instrument's you're damn wrong. King makes better instruments.
...OOOOH! i just now learned wat pups stands for-pickups! duuh....i also just realized whee they located at