ok i made a thread in the pit, but apparently, it was in the wrong catagory or something! these mods are takin this too seriouly, dang, if they cared so much, y dont they just move the thread to the right catagory instead of closing it, and then leavin me to rewrite it, and a closed thread for people to be annoyed by...idk. i dont have time to rewrite all of this stuff and go back and forth. these rules are too extreme. anyways. does anyone have dimarzzio pickups, i was wondering if anyone does, because i think im gonna get some. i have been considering for a good while now to purchas dimarzzios. i really like kiss and gnr and motley crue and ted nugent, and the basic cool stuff. and i wanted to know if anyone had any personal expierince with the pickups, to give me their opinion on them. thanks.
I use the Fred and Air Norton pickups, and love both. I think the Super Distortion is suposed to be good for Kiss sort of stuff
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The super distorion is good for just about anything. I love that pick up.
PS. IsThereLoveInSp we have the same amp, different cab.

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agreed, super distortion are what your looking for, with those bands... great pickup... bassically the first "replacement" pickup. everybody through the 70s and 80s was replacing their pickups for that one...
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