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ive seen videos of muse they look ****ing awesome live and all my mates say there put on one hell of a show, but i would like to go to a trivium gig as theyre supposed to great live
Muse are meant to be amazing my sister went to see them. I'm so jealous
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a local band called the orphan. theyre like the coolest dudes i know, and they put on a sweet show.
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Queens of the stone age, stressful day but it was an awesome show. The music were awesome too, but it was the atmosphere of the place that was so great.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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metallica and iron maiden immediatly come to my mind.

ive seen a LOT more bands that were great, but when i think about the best bands ive seen, those are the ones!
In terms of the music, Red Hot Chili Peppers, by a country mile. In terms of the whole experience, definitely Rammstein. Absolutely incredible show.
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Evangelicals, it was an OMFG what did I just see type of thing
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Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Hypocrisy, No Parking (a local band), and Cross Canadian Ragweed. (No, they're NOT country. It's stoner rock music. :P ) By far, Soilwork was my top favorite (though I saw them, DT, Hypocrisy, and Mnemic all on the same night).

Might be seeing Blind Gaurdian and Cannibal Corpse in November if school schedules allow.
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j/ 2 add 2 that i saw rhcp, wolfmother. the subways. the mars volta, snow patrol. and some local bands in one night. Still thou rhcp takes it. Rush is pretty awesome live 2 thou.
Behemoth and In Flames....
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No one yet, but Oct. 5 I get to see Opeth, Lamb of God, and Sanctity (don't know much about them). And Oct. 7 I get to see Mastdon. First 2 concerts ever, and man will they rule.
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The fall of troy, the number twelve looks like you, black dahlia murder, job for a cowboy, joe satriani, eric johnson
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Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Sonata Arctica, Megadeth.
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Akercocke supporting Opeth, Akercocke were ****ing amazing, went to see them again after that, they said themselves it was the best gig they've ever done. <3
Only time they've ever played Shelter From The Sand too <3<3<3
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no one can even contest 311's perfomance on 311day, 6 hours, get real
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In no particular order:

Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Napalm Death, Mastodon, Death From Above 1979.
Umphrey's McGee, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
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Hell yeah. I saw their self-proclaimed worse show ever and it was excellent. I can't imagine what their "best" show would be like.

Also, Rage Against the Machine, Flickerstick, Rush and Iced Earth were amazing as well.
I went to a concert with Trapt, Chevelle, and Nickelback, and all three were completely awesome, even if you think nickelback sucks, they do a damn good job live
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CKY x5 they get better everytime
Aiden x3 they are cool i met them and have mad pics with them
A7X meet them and got autographs theyre polite dueds they are good live but not alot of corwd interaction
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The fall of troy, the number twelve looks like you, black dahlia murder, job for a cowboy, joe satriani, eric johnson

My bands playin a show with Job for a Cowboy soon. We might be playin with the number 12 too.

Anyways heres my list of best bands Ive seen

Rolling Stones
Steve Vai
Joan Jett
Every Time I Die
The Casualties
Devin Townsend
Norma Jean
Stone Temple Pilots
Weird Al
Linkin Park (crap band, but they put on a hell of a show)
18 Visions
no perticular order
Greenday (when i liked them) It was still a good show none the less
The Used
As I Lay Dying
There's a lot more, but those were the best
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Going to see Chili Peppers in 4 days

Me too. Well, however many days tuesday is from now. Can't f-ing wait.

I haven't really seen many bands that I really really like live. Radiohead is an example. I'd have to travel for days if I wanted to see them. But I do go to what I can, resulting in a frenzy of punk and hardcore bands, and metal and whatnot. Metallica was a classic...Story of the Year put on an amazing show..AFI was amazing...the list goes on. Therefore I can't f*cking wait for tuesday.
System of a Down, Korn, Nickelback, and Sammy Hagar
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lol jk we suck


i would have to say a tie between Van Halen(sammy hagar) or motle crue
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Walker Rose.
I saw the Rolling Stones last year, and this summer I went to see Wilco. Both kickass shows.
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