I really like the White Stripes. My favourite CD's are elephant and Get behind me satan. I like the different variety of songs on these albums. I was just wondering what everyone else thought...what are some of your fav songs, cd, ect. are they siblings or did they used to be married?...i think they are siblings but many tell me that they used to be married...what do you think?

i was also wondering if anyone had a good piano tab for the song "I'm Lonely (but i aint that lonely yet)" The only one i can find is a crappy chord tab of it....its a pointless tab. thanks.
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Yes they used to be married (hopefully their not also brother/sister lol). I just got White Blood Cells the other day and its awesome. I like their raw sound.
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i didn't used to like them til i saw them perform, theyre so much better live
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