Who do you think has the best vibrato? IMO Zakk Wylde is the best, when he's not playing 10 trillion nps, and slows down to show off his mad vibrato skills.
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I was thinking about singers when I read the thread title. Meh, what I get for being in Chorus. Looks like my guitar-fu is weak
Angus Young hands down....gotta love the beesting vibrato
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Definately BB King. Butterfly vibrato all the way.
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Marty Friedman

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BB King. Not flashy, but without it, he wouldn't be BB.

I was gonna say that! Besides him, maybe Jimmy Page. Just listen to Since I've Been Loving You.
Steve Vai has a good vibrato.
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Andy Timmons biatch

/close thread....
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Steve Vai has a good vibrato.

He has a good singing vibrato as well, I was surprised.
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B.B. King's is awesome, I also thought Kirk Hammett's was suprisingly good(watch The Memory Remains on SNL)

I hate Hammets, too fast. IMO Vibrato shouild be slow, so you can count every time it vibrates. Makes you feel more in control.
Steve Vai's vibrato is pretty delicious. When he does circular vibrato anyways.
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Probably BB, but Tony MacAlpine has some nice vibrato.
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Steve vai has a great vibrato, being all circular like it is, keeps it unique.

Marty friedmans is the best IMO, his style is so melodic as it is that when he puts his crazy vibrato on just the right notes it's like frickin magic.
All of the above mentioned really. Steve and BB have the best IMO though.
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Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai.
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BB or Ritchie Blackmore...... Ritchies is soo sexy at times..... Makes me cream my pants....
Malmsteen has a good vibrato, becase of his scalloped fretboard, but my personal favorite is a tie between BB King and Dave Gilmour.
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BB King
Zakk Wylde (he has some wide ass vibratos)
Malmsteen (also pretty wide)
Steve vai (gotta love that circular vibrato)
George Lynch
David Gilmore
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BB King has my personal favorite, followed closely by SRV.
Itzhak Perlman,
to those who does not know who he is, he's a violinist
it's not like guitar is the only instrument that you can use vibrato on
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George Lynch by far, gotta love it
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It is what BB King is known for. I wouldn't necessarily <SP?> call him best but it is the mans trade mark.
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David Gilmour for sure.
and yea bb's is definitely nice, as is SRV's. also Django Rheindhart has a cool vibrato, he slid back and forth in the space of the fret (like a violinist) instead of bending.
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BB or Ritchie Blackmore...... Ritchies is soo sexy at times..... Makes me cream my pants....

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