This is kind of wierd, I have a tune for it in my head lol so it flows well to me and I can imagine the scenario of it all in my head. I don't know if any of you imagine what I do from what's there because it doesn't really spell it out, but that's kind of the beauty of it... lol crit-for-crit

Beaded Upside Down Pear Shaped Raindrops

I?m built up for this, let down, a different kind of wavelength, a different means of transport, from here to there,
I?m a little complication, in the eyes of someone special, meet my sacrifice and, cast away the memories,
I?m a chance for something real, a dream, a goal,
I?m trying to come across as meaningful, for you, or all,

And beaded upside down pear shaped raindrops,
And every breath subsided on the window,
Every button pressed makes different energies,
Every Time you pull the brake, I?m weak at my knees,

So little specs of industry, little spaces between you and me,
Every darted, directed sympathy,
Every time I look at you and you?re here next to me,

I?m Held up for this, break down, a different energy or placement, a different kind of made up dreams,
I?m a little conspiracy, in the heart of someone forgotten, see my endeavour and try to run away,

Cars are faster than your feet on the ground,
The headlights swerve to face you, and every breath you take is more than fatal,
Every beaded upside down pear shaped raindrop,
Slides silently down your nose, as we cry.
And every advanced step of silent grief, a little harder on the pedal and we are free.
Believe me,
We are free,
We are,