Ibanez GSR 200. Hell of a lot better than that ****. I believe you can get it so it comes with a gig bag. Or even as a pack.

anyways yeah get a ibanez over a rouge.
If you find a lovely Squier, you've definitely got it to buy it....

But again Ibanez GSR200 is an awesome starter bass-awesome features for such a low price
I use sx for starters,a 5 stringer. The tone is ummm,not bad i guess.plus its cheap..lol.
but if i think it over,its better to get an Ibanez and stick to it..just spend a few xtra bucks.
I definitely suggest you get a cheap Ibanez with a P-Bass style pickup and a Single Coil pickup.
GSR 200 or squire jazz
Yeah, now you're gonna die wearing that stupid little hat. How does it feel?

Help me to live.

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anyone got a reason why rouges are horrible other than they are cheap?

im just curious and ill take your word on it as i dont play bass often.
^they sound like crap. They'll fall apart in your hands. The worst bridges possible. Worst fretjobs possible.
Rogue's are bad quality, bad materials, break easily, everything is cheaply made on it, its like the definition of "low quality".

And in the sense it plays like ****e, and will break in a few days.
thanks alot for everyones input. I now know to steer clear from rouges. thanks again.