in my search for an amp, ive now begun looking at laney.
im looking for and amp that can go from 70's fat funk, to smooth jazz, to death/black/grind metal tone. between the TT100h and the VH100r, which one could pull this off better?

I played the VH100R and loved it.... Too bloody loud though...... I loved the cleean on the VH, the TT is suposed to be better yet the drive channel isnt suposed to be as good... So id say if u had the money get the TT and get a good distortion pedal or something if you didnt like the drive....
From my -cough cough- "experience" playing Laney amps they can be pretty versatile. (i have a laney TF300head - they dont sell them anymore i dont think)
The Vh100r has the heavier drive channel I think, not sure though.
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