i have a digitech rp100, its not the greatest or anything but it can give me a reasonable sound and a good noise gate.

i mainly use that digitech rp100 for a noise gate, so when im playing shows it doesnt squeal hell when im not playing.

i found a really nice distortion pedal the today, and i want to get it, but it doesnt have a noise gate. if i have my amp on clean with everything neutral and put in this pedal (digitech death metal distortion, but i might decide on a different pedal), and crank the volume, will it squeal or fuzz alot? if so, i dont want to hook up my rp100 next to it, that would just be a huge hassle when im playing live. but then i dont want to buy a new noise gate because i dont want to spend too much. how should this work?
Digitech Death Metal isnt a nice distortion pedal. So, why dont you just get a better pedal?
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