So what are some great songs that set the mood when pissing? Id have to say tiny dancer-elton john is one of the best.
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Light My Fire by the Doors, I tried it - works quite well

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I like the Girl from Ipanema.

Or Nottingham Lace.

I dunno why, but either of those songs makes my pissing experience all the better.
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Hmmm, I don't know about peeing, but I know that "Beat It" by MJ is a good song to listen to while reporting stupid threads. What a coincidence, I happen to be listening to that song right now...

I don't really have any piss songs. I always listen to Beethoven's 9th for #2 though .
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Muffin Man. It's a great song to do anything to.
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I prefer to pee in silence myself...
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well, something to help it along so, Riders on the Storm by the Doors cuz its got rain falling in it
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