I dont have a guitar yet but im gonna get 1 soon. I like bass guitars but theres not as much songs to play on it. I like electric too and i cant choose so which 1 do you think it better
i play both, and theres benefits and drawbacks to each
the guitar has alot of recognizable stuff thats simple and easy to play but people still think your good, as for bass well, you actually have to be good for people to say as such
but for bass, if your serious about working in music and getting into bands, there usually looking for bass players, same for session work, in both cases its usually guitar players who start bands and such so they rarely need more
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Yea whatever you feel like, you know yourself best, are you the kind that just likes the music and wants to play along to a bunch of great songs (rythm guitarist) or wants to get some very good sounding licks to express yourself and make the music that much better (lead guitarist) or do you want to take a different approach and become something that every band eventually needs and is harder to find (a good bassist). all are great and really depends on your style. if you like bass, then try that. you can get pretty good at that and maybe join a band and meanwhile learn some guitar too and work on that, to see how that goes for you. that's what Steve Vai's bassist did (i forget his name right now)
and with bass, aftter you get some stuff down, guitar is easier to learn, pretty much just chords...
i guess il star with bass 4 now and then when i get enogh money ill get an elctric too and play both
mm i dont know, i started with guitar and then after a few months, i learned bass which was so easy. Start with guitar. Thats what i say.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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bass will really help you out with rhythm, you basically keep up with the drummer. but hey if you can, why not get both?
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and get a bass amp, and use it for guitar.

seems like a good idea

Yep. I prefer the slightly more muffled tone a bass amp usually has over my guitar amp.

Also! DO NOT use a bass with a guitar amp. Guitar amps were not designed to handle low frequencies of basses (it might okay for quiet volumes though). Guitar amps, however will work with bass amps.
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i guess il star with bass 4 now and then when i get enogh money ill get an elctric too and play both

My suggestion is to start with the bass... if anything, it'll be that much easier to pick up guitar, because your hands should be used to stretching just to change notes on the bass..
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