You all know the sound im talking about, you've heard in a thousand songs but you cant name one of them (at least i cant.) My question is, what is this effect? Its that high, shrill, yet melodious whiney effect in solos by 'modern metal' (Sorry if im using the incorrect genre) bands like Avenged Seven Fold and... well thats the only one I can really think of off the top of my head. If anyone could help me out in the naming and or re-creating of this sound it would be much appreciated.
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a pinch harmonic?
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Yea I think he's talking about a pinch harmonic but i'm not sure.
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Yeah, are you talking about really high pitched kinda "screaming" single notes? cause those are pinch harmonics, but if you're talking about a general kind of tone for lead then you just gotta mess around with your EQ of course.

lol did you say "melodious"?