ok so im looking for a wah wah pedal and i have no clue what to look for if that makes sense
im willing to spend 100 $ maybw 150 ive heard the a jim dunlop cry baby wah wah is good but i wanna hear what u guys have to say thanks for the help
the vox is nice, but the cheap crybabys are rubbish. If you can find one for the money, get a vintage crybaby, those are amazing
The Hendrix wah wahs are nice too.
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Ibanez Weeping Demon is the best wah I've tried. I would look into one of those for sure!
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I got a Boss pw-10 modelling wah-wah for $320 australian. It's a half decent pedal and i'm happy with it. It does a couple of different wah sounds which you don't often see with wah pedals, so it's good if you want versatility