i just got Fl studio 5 version the other day. i've been having some fun experimenting with stuff.

that program is soooooo huge.

so who all has it? any tips?

i got it.
with the right samples its awesome, and in the right hands it could give you world domination
how could i upload a file from fruity loops. so i can show yall someting that i have done?

*wishes they had a mac version*
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Put it in a zip file and then attach it to a post.

i put it in a zip file but i don't know how to put in a post. it won't let me click and drag. is that what you are supposed to do?

thanks for the help guys

On the post reply screen (not quick reply) go down below the Submit Reply button and click Manage Attachments.
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I have it, but...

*Waits for jof*

haha, apparently youve noticed that im pretty much addicted to FL.

anyway, what are you trying to use it for? i think that can really have an effect on what kind of things you want to focus on. like for me, i dont really go into changing the sounds to make my own synths, but for someone making a technoish song, that would be important. but no matter what, i think the most important things to learn how to use are the piano roll and the mixer. the piano roll is great for making melodies and chord stuff, which are otherwise really annoying to make. not too much going on there, but its a critical tool.

as for the mixer, its basicly awesome. you can use the mixer to set levels and moniter how much each track is contributing to the overall sound. you can also add effects to any channel, which is what really makes a song IMO. if something sounds a bit lifeless, some subtle reverb or chorus can really fatten the sound. just learn how to use a couple effects well, as in know what each parameter does, and start with those. keep slowly adding to your knowledge of mastered effects, and then you can make almost any sound you want. i even use the mixer for mixing my recordings. importing audio into FL to add it to your song is pretty easy and IMO makes it much better than just programming everything.

ive pretty much learned everything i know by experimenting. i might have learned a lot faster had a read a tutorial, but im more of an experimenting kind of guy. if you have specific questions, or have a specific type of music you want to make feel free to ask and ill do my best to help.
I use Fl 6 for lots of stuff, ive actually used ion in conjucion with my massive collection of VSTis to compose entire songs, and its indespensible for writing drum parts, (at least untill i get an elecronic drum kit)
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Yup, i have it. Great program, but its too addictive
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cool thanks guys.

i have been experimenting with the piano roll. i haven't been messing with the mixer much. but i really havebn't had that complicated of stuff. so... but i mainly just like making techno music and other cool sounding synth stuff. trance is pretty easy to make.