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This year out school decided to have a talent show since people have been bugging them for a couple years now. Anyway, my drummer and I(I'm the bassist) finally found a guitarist that can somewhat match our level of playing.

Here's the question.

What's an impressive song? We have to do a try-out to get on the date but we can't decide wether to go Orginal or what we should cover. If we play something too off the wall, might be a bit too much for them.

Plus our school is-70%HipHop 30% Rock.
Plus our school is-70%HipHop 30% Rock.

Those are not good odds man. Try some AC/DC, can't go wrong with that.
my band is playing Sad but True by metallica for our talent show...we're a guitar short, but bass fills in for the rythm just fine
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i think that something like back in black or hells bells would be good enough for a school talent show we played crazy train at our recently and won, so something along those lines, thats kick ass
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Cover, doesn't matter what as long as it's well known
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Id do a cover unless you have a lot of time to come up with a really memorable song yourselves. Maybe some Nirvana or something would work.
an instrumental...for our talent show, it's going to be an epic instrumental
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ya its best to do something a little maybe something power chordy? like nirvana or the clash (ya i know they didnt use many power chords but still) i would really reccomend should i stay or should i go andteen spirit, everyone will recognize em
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70% hip-hop you say? Rage Against The Machine!

Or Faith No More!
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should i stay or should i go right into i fought the law, both by the clash

i agree only you should play the dead kennedys version of i fought the law, it has cooler lyrics.
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70% hip-hop you say? Rage Against The Machine!

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I'd say some maiden, or deep purple, and all that stuff.
But coz your school is full of gay rap lovers, you'll have to play stuff like linkin park or RATM

Play what you want. Who cares if anybody likes it or not.
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my band is playing Sad but True by metallica for our talent show...we're a guitar short, but bass fills in for the rythm just fine

haha sad but true me and my friends always say temperture to piss off our friend that likes metallica- as for the song if you can do an original and sing half well with it hten sure but i would go for a cover specificly zeppelin maybe rock and roll or black dog just pick a comon one like those people love zeppelin even preps
edit: or for whom the bell tolls we covered that and everyone liked it but our school is more 40%rap 20% classic rock 40%metal
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Do what I did play David Watts by the Kinks (or the Jam version) exept change "David Watts" to the name of someone in the audience.
In my opinion, you should do an original. People will be more impressed with you if you perform a song you wrote.

P.S. I don't think the 70% hip-hop and the 30% rock thing matters. If its a good song people will like it.
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I think at like my school nobody cares if its original becuase nobody will remeber what you did. But if you do a cover that people know they'd remeber you and say that was sweet
Who cares what the rap kids think?? I say play something really heavy......they'll hate it anyway, might as well scare someone...
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I don't no why but people who love hip hop and rap really like acdc. This gangster ass kid comes up to me and asks if I've heard of AcDc I say yes and he's like ufck yeah man highway to hell is the ****!

And for the record my school is like 60%ska 30%classic rock and 10% everything else
I'll third Rage Against The Machine. Doesn't matter if you like rap or not, the riffs are just screaming to be performed live. Or something like that. God that was cheesy. But do Rage.
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I'd say some maiden, or deep purple, and all that stuff.
But coz your school is full of gay rap lovers, you'll have to play stuff like linkin park or RATM

im so sick of the fuc king rap bashing that goes on here

and ill 4th Rage
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play Revolution Is My Name by pantera Or ****ing ANgel Of Death by slayer. Im sure all of your teachers would love you. Lol jp but who cares if no one know s the song just as long as you're playing it good. try something like uh..... Symphony of destrction or Stairway to heaven or sumthing like that idk.....



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Baby Got Back. Check for throwdown's cover of it. You could probably do that, minus the screaming.
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A good catchy original song thats well written is sure to do good with the crowd. If it's crap and doesn't flow and doesn't have like a distinctive chorus or nothing I wouldn't do it.
My band is playing a brand new original for our schools talent show, but were pretty well known locally, and everyone has been to our gigs and stuff, so we have them on board as fans, they know our style, not sure if an original would work in your situation.
you could do what my band did. we go to southfield high school, and we covered 'im so bored with the u.s.a' by the clash, but changed u.s.a. to S.H.S. hehehe....
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Sleep Now In The Fire-RATM if your guitarist can do the solo, otherwise just keep the riff going where the solo should be.
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