hey guys,
im about to be a proud owner of a fender MIM strat 70's reissue and i would like to no wether there are any modifications that you u have to do to a guitar
a common modification is new tuners and nut--because the stock ones tend to be on the cheap side, and getting them replaced will help keep you from going out of tune as easily. and yes, the nut, too, because the strings won't run as smoothly through a cheap nut, and if they don't run smoothly, they can go out of tune easily when you bend or slide on a string. ask a guitar tech though. chances are your nut and tuners are fine. but do get the professional set-up, that ensures all notes play in tune and the strings are nice and close to the fretboard (or higher if you want less buzz and a bit more clarity).
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i would of had also said get a new amp while your at it. but yeh the guitar should already be set up from the shop anyway mines are but yeh it may need a set up
if you ask them to get the guitar setup for 10s do they setup everything on the guitar