I was just wondering, do maple fingerboards wear faster than rosewood or ebony, or do they just show the 'wear' more than the other two?
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They show the wear more coz they're brighter in color.
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i have a maple fretboard on my jackson and u can def notice the wear alot sooner but the fretboard feels much nicer imo than a rosewood fretboard. maple fretboards are almsot like wine, they get better with age... im guessing anyway only had my jackson for about a year, i hope maple fretboards dont age like milk that would suck
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vintage strats from like 50 years ago have maple fretboards and they still look sick
Um, I have a laminated maple fretboard on my fender american strat and there is no sign of waer at all however the feel isn't as nice as the feel of the rosewood fretboard of my other strat. The laminated maple just feels so cool and hard compared to the nice feeling rosewood
I just bought a 57 reissue strat, the neck is heaps aged, it looks soo awesome and feels like 10X better then my rosewood neck on my les paul..... the tone is heaps awesome too...
its just shows wear faster, i prefer ebony over maple in terms of tone and feel, but mape is quite nice.
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I dont really think they show wear any quicker, but they do show aging a lot quicker.

When i first got my Ibanez the maple was a bit lighter in colour than it is now, its definatly darkening. One of the things that might be adding to the effect is that the fret board on a maple necked guitar usually doesnt get cleanded as much as a rosewood fretboard (or in my case not at all).

You cant use Lem Oil on a maple fretboard, you can only really wipe it down when you get a chance. You can clean off deep dirt using 0000 grade wire wool, but its a pain and not worth the effort. I think the dirt on the board adds to the character of the guitar.
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You cant really use Lem Oil on a maple board because over time it will damage the fret board.

You can use guitar polish if you want.
okay, thats more along the lines of something I wanted to hear. Thanks. I think I might go with a maple. I played my friends Squire (I'm saving up for a Fender) and I kinda liked it. I'm getting a sunburst strat so I could go either way. But I dont wanna steal this guys thread.
yeh if you get lemon oil on a non-lacquered maple fretboard your gonna stain it just use elbow grease and some guitar cleaner that should do it
I think rosewood shows wear alot more, from my experience anyway.
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