My guitar has developed a buzz from the 3rd fret to the 11th, buzzing worst on the 3rd fret. I know his us a typical indication for a backbow, which is why i went to loosen my truss rod. I then look at my truss rod and i realize somthing. My truss rod is COMPLETELY loose. It's not even in the game at all. I'm worried to tighten the rod because that might just make things worse. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this?
Well, check the neck relief 1st then only you can conclude
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Thats what she said...
for people who say he needs a new neck what about if he has a neck through guitar.....just smart ****ing people here. and like mad said check your neck relief
by that you mean the fret the first, and 14th fret on the low E? There is an extremely small gap between the string and the 6th fret. Last night my friend looked at it, who knows more about this stuff and all he did was put the truss rod "back in the game" by tightening it a bit, and then loosening it again. Bam, seems to work fine, minus a bit of a buzz on the 7th fret but that beats the other situation.
And no, it's not a neckthru, it's a ****ty epiphone special 2 that i brought with me to college because I didn't wanna bash up my C-1 classic
It got some more time on it and the same problem is recurring. It's not too bad or anything and I can live with it though. Thanks for the answers