I have a question to ask, how do you play a tremolo? using wrist or whole arm? I am so very confused about the habit, I play tremolo using wrist, but when i see many pro play, they play tremolo using whole arm... hmm actually i dont want to build any bad habit, so i hope anyone can help... but i found its more easy for tremoloing using wrist, it doesn't build any tension = ) thanks....

second question is, how to do pinch harmonic over an acoustic? i never have electric guitar, so all the time of playing guitar spend on acoustic... for your information, sometime when i play acoustic I hear a screeching sound... I think that was P . H . and how to do that? thanks....
wtf how do you have a trem on an acoustic?
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I believe he means trem picking, not a trem bridge.
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ya ya ya, sorry for confusing... i mean tremolo picking... thanks
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I tried doing PH's on an acoustic once, it sounded like utter crap, but, you can trem pick. It sounds really cool.
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i use wrist to play trem. i rest my hand on the srtings and play like that, it also mutes other strings. and u said u get no tension that way, and if you want lots of speed you have to eliminate tension, so your probably doing the right thing.
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