Hi guys I have a friend who is selling his simon and patrick pro flame maple for $400 and I need to know if it would be worth it to buy it (Has been used on stage for a long while but is in very good condition) Posts Appreciated
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Well, IMO that would depend on several factors.
A. What does one cost new?
B. What's the average price that one in simiiar condition sells for used? IMO eBay is a good place to find this info.
I use an formula that I have devised to help me.
With the knowledge that retail markup on guitars is usually about 100% (prehaps slightly less at MF or GC). We know that the factory sold the guitar for roughly HALF of the store price. But that doesn't mean that even a used guitar is worth 1/2 of the retail price, even tho that's likely the highest amount the store would give you if you tried to sell it back to them.
So I figure approx value on a used guitar in EX condition to be about 75-80% max of the new retail price. Of coarse lessor condition effects this negitively. Availibility may effect it the other way.
So do your homework.
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If it's in good shape then 400 is a good price. They sell for around $900 new (Give or take about $100) and half price isn't bad, especialy if you considar the fact that the more these guitars are played the better they sound.
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