the interface im thinkin of gettin comes with Cubase LE as a recording program, and i was wonderin if some one can give me some screenshots of this. is it pretty advanced?

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for screenshots try steinbergs website, it has a few advanced features but the basic recording engine is pretty simple to use, i used to use it quite a bit before i switched to sonar.
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It's good for a beginner recorder, but for more advanced users, there's a lot better. For screenshots, just do what I always do for them, go to Google, click on Images, then type in Cubase or whatever
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Cubase SX3 is plenty advanced, I bought a Presonus Firepod, came with Cubase LE which I gave to my dad, and he loves it. I use it to record/mix/masters CDs, master audio tracks for video, and make new effects for game and websites. This program can handle your needs.
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